Mamma Nui dishes

  • Caesar salad

    lettuce, grille chicken, tomato, croutons, grated cheese and sour cream

  • Mediterránea

    Lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, olives and selection of cheese, marinated in pesto plus toast

  • Marinera

    Mix of leaves, tomato, onion, shrimp and oysters breaded, tuna grille and sour cream

  • Mix salad chef

  • La Mamma

    Local fish, onion, cilantro, tomato, zucchini, lemon, ginger and dressing Mango

  • Polinésico

    Local fish, onion, pineapple, tomato, coconut milk, camote chips and dressing coconut

  • Pulpo

    Octopus, onion, cilantro, olives, tomato and dressing mustard

  • Vegetarian

    Mushroom, onion, tomato, peppers, zucchini, palmetto and orange

  • Mixto

    Local fish, Shrimp, Octopus, onion, cilantro, tomato and dressing pisco sour

  • Rapa-nui Trilogy

    Tuna ,kana kana, Toremo, fresh vegetables and Camote chips

  • Carpaccho de Atún
  • Tiradito de atún

    Handles of a tuna with mustard crunchy shrimps and squid with toast to pil pil

  • Tabla Mar y Tierra

    Beef, breaded shrimp, fried sweet potato, olives, mixed cheese and chicharron fish and chicken

  • Langosta Rapa Nui

    Lobster with mix salad and Camote (sweet potatoes) chips

    $75.000 / Kilo
  • Octopus with garlic
  • Crispy shrimp with teriyaki and tartara
  • Parmesan Shrimp
  • Shrimp with garlic
  • Parmesan oyster
  • Mushrooms with garlic
  • Parmesan land and sea

    shrimp and mushroom gratin

  • Fish broth
  • Seafood soup
  • Vegables cream

Meats and local fish

  • A la Nui

    in oyster sauce, sauteed vegetables and fried sweet potato

  • Tentación

    Tuna steak or cream grille shrimp and fries

  • Mar y Tierra Rapa Nui

    Local fish in cream of seafood and mashed sweet potatoes Rapa Nui

  • Pescado local frito

    Octopus to the alive and garlic accompanied by soufle sweet potato and vegetables sauteed

  • Del mar y la huerta

    Octopus with olive in mashed sweet potatoes and grilled vegetables

  • Pobre

    Fries, egg and stewed onion